Transparent pricing

Think about something other than fees.

No charges for declined transactions
Only $1/month only if you transact
No exchange rate percentage
Just 5% per card top‑up
Pay 1% per transaction
VIP customer service ‑ not an option
All the details
No surprises, no hidden fees.
Card purchase
Enjoy a 4‑years validity for each card you buy.
Card Top‑up
This covers the cost of processing the payment via Mobile Money.
Monthly fee
Charged only on months you transact, ensuring you pay only when you use the service.
Pay 1% per transaction, with costs capped between a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $5
Failed transactions
No fees for declined transactions, giving you peace of mind for every attempt.
Questions? Answers.
Get your virtual card, right now!
Start spending safely online, with flexibility and control. ‑ no hidden fees